Education and Technology

by Sashreek Bhagavatula
January 3, 2021

Technology has a tremendous power to enhance the education system in the world. With access to so much information on the internet, people are exposed to more knowledge and skills. In the coming decades, our generation will push the boundaries with technology to the point where our lives will be consumed in it. With this, I think technology has a real chance to provide a more equal field for everyone to be educated in different areas. 


There are tons of resources that are available for free for students and anyone to look up thanks to Google. It simplifies how we search and look for answers. There’s many perspectives to learn about a topic and this breadth of information helps people understand information from different angles. With YouTube and Khan Academy, a live or recorded session on how to solve a problem is available and allows us to learn instantaneously. As we progress more and more, I think more tools like this which are available to everyone, helps democratize education. It gives everyone an equal opportunity to learn. 


With technology becoming increasingly integrated with our lives, learning how to build these tools and services will become the most sought after job. I believe, it is imperative for every single student to learn how to code in some way. All coding or programming is, is automating a process that takes time or is redundant. Any job of the future will require knowledge in programming to simplify a process that exists. For students, who are not appealed by coding, I think in one way or another, you will need to learn it; starting earlier will get you ahead of the curve.