Making a difference

Maya Kuruvanka | July 1, 2020 | Klein High School

Hey guys! I am Maya Kuruvanka, the current president of Bearkat Mentors, the Klein High School chapter of PEAC. My first involvement in PEAC was during my freshman year of high school as secretary. I then worked my way up to Vice President to where I am today. Our chapter holds tutoring sessions at our local middle school, where students from Klein tutor and mentor the young middle schoolers. For me, PEAC is a way that I can help my community by working on issues I see in my community through sharing my own thoughts and experiences. 


One of the reasons I’m so passionate about leading PEAC is because I believe that developing study habits early on help students significantly in high school and even college. When I first entered high school, I didn’t know how to study efficiently and I had to develop these systematic skills on my own. I’ve wondered how I could've done better in school if I had discovered these tips earlier and I think PEAC is the best way to teach younger students just how to do that. When we help the students we don’t just teach them how to solve the problems, but we ask them questions which enhance problem solving skills that can be used outside of the classroom. 


Not only does PEAC benefit the students we tutor but it has an impact on our mentors as well. By tutoring young children, our Bearkat Mentors gain experience on how to work with people outside their age group and they learn valuable communication and listening skills. By working with them every month of the school year, the middle school students are able to build a strong relationship with their mentors. The high schoolers benefit from this exchange as well through the gratification that comes with giving back to the community and helping those younger than us. Before PEAC I never really had any experience running a team let alone a whole chapter. Just by being in the leadership team I learned skills that I wouldn’t have gained this early on without this amazing opportunity. By meeting with the club members and my officers I was able to gain an insight into what we were doing right and what needed to be changed in order to better the club. By talking to the middle school teachers, I learned how to grow from feedback and just enjoyed seeing the joyful looks on the students’ faces whenever we walked in a classroom. 


For me, PEAC is not just another club at school. I see it as a way to give back to the community by working with others and having fun while doing it. PEAC has such an important mission of spreading education and entrepreneurial skills and I truly believe in the initiative. Just by tutoring students for an hour you can bring a big change in the community.