PEAC Ideathon 2021


by Vishaal Kuruvanka
December 26, 2021

After the success of our ideathon open to only Houston high school students last year, we have decided to open the ideathon to students all across the nation beginning with outreach in our existing chapters across the nation. This ideathon proved to me that these young scholars have the drive, ambition and experiences necessary to put forward pragmatic ideas to solving some of the problems we face around the world today. To this end, we at PEAC believe that opening it up to all students would yield strong results on many different levels:

  1. Have better communication between youths of same age range

  2. Push youths into action by leveraging their time at the ideathon

  3. Attempting to solve the problems put forth in the ideathon

We will be slightly altering the format from last year’s ideathon to allow students more time to formulate and research the problems put forth in the ideathon. We will release the prompts 1 month in advance along with weekly workshops with leaders in the space to talk more about the issues at hand. 

This year’s issues will be on 

  1. Climate Change

  2. COVID 19

  3. Workforce Development

  4. Technology

There will also be a presentation portion of the 2 day event for the students to sharpen their skills in the act of persuasion with the final day being for the finalists to present in front of the whole group.

On this note, we are looking for volunteers to help us build our ideathon nationally this year. If you are interested please visit our website at