Chapter Focus

 BU PEAC is starting its first year this fall. We intend to create an online platform in order to aid students who cannot receive the same level of education as their peers, especially those hit hard by the changes implemented due to COVID. Through virtual workshops and tutoring, we hope to create a meaningful learning experience for students who need it the most. Our focus will be science based subjects, such as biology and chemistry, and we will continue to branch out and build towards other subjects as well. We will adjust in any way possible to account for the current situation regarding school availability and the COVID pandemic.



Our workshop focuses on science based tutoring that allows high school and middle school students to explore college level sciences in a learnable and enticing manner. We want to create an experience that is both beneficial and memorable to help students decide if they want a future in the vast field of science.


Our speaker events focus on the more practical and logistical side of science, such as what certain jobs might entail, what talents are useful to hone for a career in an industry such as the medicine, etc. We bring in speakers from the vibrant Boston community who have experience in related fields of study to shine a light on how much science can truly impact the world.

Meet the Team

Nishant Devaraj - Boston University