Check out our chapter projects using education to serve their community!

Democratizing Higher Education

University of Texas at Dallas - Richardson ISD

Further democratizing higher education through scholarship and academic incentive programs for high-school students in Richardson ISD. Scholarships are raised through ticketed UTD student-held seminars for high school families. UTD is also involved in Richardson ISD schools to serve as in-class tutors and student mentors. 

Passion Pieces

University of Houston

Our workshop Passion Pieces is Cougar Tutors’ version of a project initiated by Jose Martinez. His original intentions for Passion Pieces were to expose underprivileged students to various methods of expression and revenue. Cougar Tutors' spin on this has our officers creating unique workshops on ideas of personal interest to share their passion with students. 

College and Career Exploration - '18 + '19

University of Houston - Houston ISD

Exposed 200 HISD students to the breadth of professional opportunities available through higher education by presenting the importance of STEM in every day and engaged students in campus tours that explored 5 unique colleges. Involved guest speakers from medicine, government, and education. 

Texas Civic Impact Council (TCIC) 

University of Texas at Austin

PEAC's UT Austin chapter, brings together students from UT's undergraduate and graduate colleges to collaborate on initiatives addressing prevalent issues in the student and Austin communities. This program will be a bridge for students to connect ideas with action in an effort to create a strong student-youth impact in the city of Austin and beyond.