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5:30 pm - 5:40 pm- Opening Remarks
5:40 pm - 6:30 pm - Panel
6:30 pm - 6:40 pm - Closing Remarks
6:40 pm - 7:30 pm - Outdoor Reception

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Our Focus

About TCIC: 

The Texas Civic Impact Council (TCIC) is a cross-college council at UT Austin leading campus collaboration on community-impact projects. TCIC will be a bridge for students to connect ideas with action in an effort to lead student progress on city-wide issues!


Embrace UT’s diversity by connecting colleges on campus to create nuanced solutions at the intersection of the arts, sciences, and humanities for Austin’s social issues


Create a blueprint for UT students to actively involve in solving city-wide issues and shaping Austin’s future


Check out our 2020-21 project below! 2021-22 Applications are open now!


TCIC Student Fellowship

Learn about TCIC's role in Project Connect, a $7.1B investment in public transportation in Austin 


Project Connect is a $7.1 billion investment in public transportation in Austin. In TCIC’s view, it is more than just an infrastructure investment. Project Connect is an opportunity to connect communities, develop affordable housing (City has earmarked $300M for this), create new jobs, and design an equitable, innovative future for our city.


The best part: everyone has the chance to influence how it all plays out. 


For these reasons, we launched our Fellowship to engage students and community members in this generational opportunity to shape Austin. Our Fellowship has the following goals:


  1. Directly connect Austin’s resident community with the city’s political, business, and developer communities

  2. Build an understanding of affordable housing and community development priorities along key transit corridors

  3. Present community perspectives and actionable solutions for city, community, and business leaders to work with the community to accomplish shared goals

All in all, TCIC’s efforts are focused on empowering Austinites to build the future of their communities. Learn about how we plan to deliver on these goals and how you can get involved by reading our ‘Progression’ and ‘How’ below.


Strengthen the connection between Austin’s residents and leaders to guide affordable housing development + design the future of community development

Check out our 'How?' and project progression below!

Our Progression

Step 1: Community Engagement

Step 2: Data Analysis

Step 3: Design


Community Engagement Fellows have 1 on 1 conversations with Austinites to understand community perspectives 

Host casual, open-forum, focus groups to deepen our connection with and understanding of Austin communities


Data Fellows run statistical analysis on collected data to generate insights on community + socioeconomic trends 


Design Fellows create a report detailing community opinions and actionable solutions for city leaders


1. Student Fellowship Network (Applications open!)

We are offering three distinct Fellowships: Community Engagement, Data, and Design Fellowships. These fellowships provide meaningful avenues to serve Austin with trained experience. 

Community Engagement (CE) Fellows

CE Fellows are leading 1 on 1 conversations with community members in Riverside and Hyde Park to understand perspectives around affordable housing and community development. Find more information on our application page!

Data Fellows

Data Fellows are statistically organizing and generating trend data on insights collected by CE Fellows. Find more information on our application page!

Design Fellows

Design Fellows are creating written/digital content that presents community perspectives and implementable solutions to Austin’s city leaders. Find more information on our application page!

2. Focus Groups (Dates coming soon!)
We will host casual focus groups with specific demographics to interact with community members in a more guided, meaningful way. These focus groups aim to generate differentiated, hyper-localized data. 

3. Findings Report

After identifying key trends by listening to community perspectives, TCIC will conclude by writing a report that: 

  1. Clearly communicates community experiences + perspectives in an unbiased way

  2. Proposes solutions on how leaders can work with the community to accomplish shared goals

Learn more about Fellowship opportunities below

The Texas Civic Impact Council has launched its Student Fellowship network. There are three fellowships: Community Engagement, Data, and Design. Learn more about these roles and apply by clicking the buttons below! 


Eligibility: Active student from any of Austin’s higher education institutions.

The Team

Vaishnav Kuruvanka '22
Founder/McCombs Chair
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Ruth Mewhinney '22
COLA Chair
Haley Rough '25
CNS Chair
Rakib Momin '25
McCombs Chair
Krista Gehlhausen.jpg
Krista Gehlhausen '23
LBJ Chair
Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 5.24.10 PM.png
Lauren Rosa '23
Steve Hicks Chair
Romelia Acosta '22
Moody Chair