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Our Focus

Cougar Tutors goals for this semester include smoothly transforming the way we tutor from face-to-face into online tutoring sessions. We hope to improve the grades of students by expanding their knowledge through virtual tutoring sessions. Mentorship is a huge part of what we do. That said, we also look forward to building lasting relationships with these students. As far as our tutors are concerned, we plan to engage them in communal activities such as online movie and game nights. Remaining aware of social circumstances, Cougar Tutors will continuously search and distribute resourceful and volunteering opportunities for our tutors.



Passion Pieces

Our workshop Passion Pieces are Cougar Tutors’ version of a project initiated by Jose Martinez. His original intentions for Passion Pieces were to expose underprivileged students to various methods of expression and revenue. Our version of Passion Pieces is a quarantine reiteration of this idea. Each Cougar Tutor officer has created a different workshop idea of personal interest with the intent to share their passion with students. These videos will serve as yet another way to show our students that we care about them and their pursuit of education.

Project Completed in 2020

College and Career Exploration

Exposed 200 HISD students to the breadth of professional opportunities available through higher education by presenting the importance of STEM in every day and engaged students in campus tours that explored 5 unique colleges. Involved guest speakers from medicine, government, and education. 

Project Completed in 2018-2019

Cougar Tutor Flashcards

The CT Flashcards are intended to facilitate the online tutoring process. The team decided that having a uniform group of flashcards covering information from four different subjects would allow the tutors an easy tool for educating the students and make learning a bit more fun. They hope to use the flashcards throughout the year.

Reports and KPI


The Team

Olivia Dratler
Parsa Motahar
Vice President
Rumi Mordi
Rianna Branch
Communications Chair