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Our Focus

The specific mission of our chapter is to democratize higher education further. CometTutors partners with Richardson ISD, a local community school district, to guide underserved students. From a young age, many of us are taught to pursue post-secondary education, however, there are numerous students who do not grow up with that kind of guidance. CometTutors aims to provide consistency in the lives of students who lack this type of guiding voice at home. We promote the idea of postsecondary education and facilitate this by providing mentoring geared towards many aspects of preparation needed for college such as application, essay, and scholarship help. In addition, we partner with the AVID program to tutor students in a socratic style that encourages them to seek answers to their questions and to think for themselves. CometTutors began its journey at JJ Pearce high school and has since expanded its reach to Richardson North Junior High. We also plan to award academic scholarships to deserving AVID students each year in order to further support their pursuit of postsecondary education.

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SAT/ACT Workshops

The SAT/ACT workshops are a compilation of resources and practice based on the different portions of the SAT and ACT. Located on the Comet Tutors website, the workshops include information about the different exams, the components of the exam, and practice problems and prompts for the program. The SAT/ACT workshop resource pool  is divided into the following categories: math, writing, reading, science, and essay. The goal of the SAT/ACT Workshops is to provide a one stop resource for students to locate valuable information to assist them when studying for the SAT and/or ACT.

Comet Mentors Program

The CometMentors program consists of weekly after-school sessions where students can work on assignments and ask questions to the Comet Tutors as needed. The students are grouped by what subjects they are working on, so that they can use peer tutoring to help each other out, and can move between different groups to work on a variety of subjects. One or two Comet Tutors were assigned to each subject based on how well they felt they could tutor that subject, and would go around the group guiding students through their questions. Participating in these sessions was optional, but would allow AVID students to be eligible to apply for the CometTutors scholarship.

Comet Tutors Scholarship

The CometTutors scholarship is one of our new projects this semester. It will be for students in the J.J. Pearce AVID program who have attended a certain amount of tutoring sessions and have an interest in pursuing post-secondary education. Money will be fundraised through various avenues, and the total will be split between several scholarships for grades 10-12, with different amounts per grade. We hope that with this scholarship, we can introduce students to the scholarship application process, motivate them to attend their tutoring sessions, and help them continue to improve academically.

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The Team

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Ananiya Balaji
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Giselle Reyes
Vice President
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Surya Donty
School Coordinator
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Janvi Patel
School Coordinator
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Manusree Bhattar
Public Relations Officer
Jeffrey Nguyen 
Public Relations Officer
Kavya Donepudi
Fundraising Coordinator
Hetali Trivedi
Fundraising Coordinator